Transitioning From Life to Death – It’s Not Scary!

As a medium, I communicate with Spirits. They come to me to share information that will help us in our daily lives. Sometimes one Spirit will come, sometimes two or three will work together. They hold the following information to be so important that I’m being helped by a whole cadre of Spirits. They see how we often think of death with fear and they want to help us think of it differently. They believe that by helping us see death differently, we’ll be able to enjoy our life more freely.
One fear that many people have is that they are leaving everything and everyone that they know and love and going into a dark void, alone. That’s not how it works. It doesn’t matter what kind of life that you have led, if you feel loved or unloved. It doesn’t matter if you die isolated in a hospital, suddenly in an accident or alone in your home. No one leaves this life without a loved one by their side. Ever.

Before we die we are visited by our guides. It could happen moments, days, weeks or even years before we actually die. We will see someone that we have loved who has passed over. If we believe that we have not felt love, we will see someone who exudes a comforting, loving presence. We will feel as if we’re having a dream about that person. This will happen as often as needed, until we feel a deep connection of love with our guide. When we open ourselves to the love connecting us, our hands will reach for each other and our guide will gently lead us out of our body. They will take us to the transition point between life and death, always holding us in an aura of love. As the mist of the physical life fades, the view of our next life begins to clear. There in front of us we will see all of our loved ones who have passed over. We will see generation upon generation of family and friends who have passed before us. At first glance we won’t recognize the faces of some of the people. But, as we open ourselves and allow the love to flow, we’ll begin to remember them. Not from their faces but from their hearts. Then, though it will feel much to soon, our guide will again take our hand and gently lead us back to our body. This experience may happen only once or it may happen many times. We’re given what we need so that when it’s time to leave this life, we’ll be able to make our final transition with ease.

Question: If I dream of dying, does that mean that I’m going to die soon?
Marilyn Cloutier, a teacher of Understanding Dreams: No, definitely not! In dreams, dying simply points to the end of one part of our life before a new phase begins. The dream helps smooth the path for us.
Question: If I dream about my dead husband or mother, does that mean that I’m dying?
Victoria: No, absolutely not! Dreaming of a loved one does not mean that you’re dying. Sometimes it’s just a dream. Sometimes they visit to remind you that you are loved.
If you are following my blog you know that I have been a medium all of my life. If you are new to my posts, this one will give you some of my background and experiences:


  1. I think there is Spirits in my home which is my mom and dad. If you asked my husband he would say she is here to annoy him.

  2. Interesting guide to what may come.

  3. Victoria, thank you for a very clear and gently-written piece. I have never been afraid of becoming dead, although I do hope for a death with little suffering. I went over to your other piece about how you’ve gradually become more and more open about your mediumship– fantastic! I talk with many who are in Spirit, and sometimes I share their comments with clients who are here for healing work. But only if the client wants to know. I am so happy for you!

    • Victoria Juster

      Thank you, Kebba! It’s fantastic how you’re able to use your abilities to help people. It takes a gift for deep listening to be able to feel what clients will be comfortable hearing.

  4. I love this post. It does bring me comfort that death should not be scary for us. Thanks for this.

  5. Some weeks ago, I watched a series – Surviving Death. There’s an episode about mediums. It looked like it’s a great responsibility which made me think that it must be a tiring process. How does this affect your physical health?

    I am one of those skeptics although I have experienced dreaming about my late husband. It felt so real. When my father died, I felt a warm presence embraced me. I brushed the idea off thinking it’s just me missing him.

    I agree that this post is so comforting. Somehow it made me think that hubby is okay after his bouts with pain and struggle while in bed, sick. I just miss him so much.

    • Victoria Juster

      Thank you for asking about how it affects me. I’ve found that the best thing that I can do for myself is to establish boundaries. Whether I’m working with people on this side or the other side, I try to maintain ‘office hours’. It doesn’t always work but it’s getting better.
      I believe that your father and your husband were both trying to comfort you. They each came to you in the way that they were able, to let you know that love never dies. Although your eyes may not see their bodies, your heart will always feel their love.

  6. How beautiful, I’ve never been afraid of dying but I do wonder what my G-granddaughter will think of something happens to me when she is still young. I actually went to heaven on 2000, I saw beautiful “figures” without faces. Very peaceful but then an angel told me I wasn’t done on earth yet and gently floated me back home.

    • Victoria Juster

      That’s such a beautiful story, Martha. Thank you for sharing it. Thinking about the difference that you’ve made in Lia’s life, I’m glad that you came back! You might be interested in this post: How I Explain Death To A Child. It’s a safe place to begin a conversation about dying.

  7. I am still trying to figure out what I believe about this process. There is my religious background, my medical background, and my spiritual beliefs. Sometimes, it’s tough to fit them all together. The way you describe this is very comforting!

    • Victoria Juster

      I understand how difficult it is to meld all of your input into one cohesive belief, especially when they seem so disparate. Have you read “Proof of Heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander? You might enjoy how a neurosurgeon looks at the afterlife. I’m so glad that you found the post comforting, Dominique. Thank you.

  8. Aww, that’s a comforting thought. Thank you!

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