You Are Forever

I saw You
as part of a peak
of a high cliff
overlooking the ocean.
The white top waves
hitting the shore,
gently, firmly with purpose.
You were part of the mountain
standing tall, solid and strong.
You were gazing out
and with your full awareness
taking it in
being a part of it
at the same time.
An occasional drop of water
would brush across You
taking a microscopic
piece of your dust with it.
In ten thousand years
the You as separate would
be gone
but the You
will still exist
as all of the dust
spread out into the


  1. Beautiful words and image.

  2. Wow, I’m just trying to recap where in the world I’ve left a tiny bit of dust.
    Thought provoking poem, thank you!

  3. Victoria, how beautiful. And what powerful images.

    We scattered my husband’s ashes in the Feng Shui Garden and in the adjacent (one step away) park. So he is entirely one with Nature.

  4. Hi Victoria. Love the images this poem brought up for me. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. I love poetry. Thank you for that.

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