About Victoria


In The Beginning

When I was 5 years old, my best friend, Mary, came to say goodbye. She said that she was leaving and I wouldn’t see her anymore. Mary had been with me forever; I didn’t remember a day without her. We played and laughed and I always felt a peaceful joy when we were together. I was only 5 and didn’t understand what goodbye meant.

Immediately, I ran to tell my mother. She had no idea who Mary was. That was the first time I realized that other people couldn’t see what I saw. Where other people saw children and adults of all shapes and sizes, I only saw people as either solid or see-through.


Imagine that you’ve come home after a lengthy and difficult journey. You’ve been gone for a long time and are excited to share the many things that you’ve learned. Soon, you realize that no one can hear you. Not only can no one hear you, but no one can even see you. You have vital information that can ease your loved ones’ emotional suffering and help them find purpose in their lives. But, no one can see you or hear you.


Except a medium.


I am not a seer or a prophet; I’m a translator and a tour guide. I work with those on the other side to help them communicate what they’ve learned since their death, to those of us on this side. I also work with those on this side to help them have a better picture of the afterlife and to help ease their pain after losing someone that they love.
My purpose in life is to help others know that there is much more to our existence than what we see in front of us. I use my abilities as a medium in two ways, I connect with your loved ones who have passed, to help you find peace and closure, and I connect with your Spirit guides to help you see your best path.
In my blog, I’ll share some of my experiences and the experiences of people that I’ve counseled. Unless someone has specifically agreed to the use of their name, all names and identifiable markers have been changed. My purpose is to ease people’s fear and pain and to do that, I respect and protect their privacy.
Whether we have met or not, if you read these essays and feel that they’re about you, they probably are.

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