Where Are They Now?

Imagine that someone you love dearly, your spouse, child, sibling or parent, had joined the military. They were deployed for many, many years, and your heart ached to see them again. Now, imagine the homecoming. Picture a gathering of friends and relatives, all waiting in joyous excitement to see their cherished love one. This is what happens when someone dies.

When you pass to the next world and accept that fact, you will be welcomed by those who love you. Even if you don’t realize it now, there are many, many people who will open their hearts to you. When you open yourself to their love, you will feel sheltered and protected, while you adjust to your new surroundings.
When you have accepted your passing, you will be given a tour. You will be shown some
of the possibilities of how you can spend your time. You will learn about life, death and the many
aspects of soul growth.   You will have the opportunity to observe and study with more evolved Spirits, and they will help you find your own talents. Part of your education will be learning how those on the other side try to open the hearts and minds of those of us on this side.
Now imagine that you lived in a community where you had no physical body. You have no concern for clothing, shelter, food, or health care. How would you spend your time? Interesting dilemma, isn’t it?
                    This is just the beginning of your journey. The possibilities are endless!
To learn more about life after death check out my class A Conversation on Death & Dying: https://victoriajuster.com/2021/03/a-conversation-on-death-dying


  1. Excellent article. I will be experiencing some of these issues as well.. Deborah Wain Wash

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