Why You’re Here

When you’re a child, the days are long and a school year feels like an eternity. As an adult your years pass like minutes. You set schedules and goals to accomplish what you see as the stepping stones on the path of life. You plan a future: education, job, marriage, children, retirement. You choose how to spend your time, trying to squeeze as much as possible into the time that you have. 
These plans and achievements are all accoutrements to the real reason that you are here. You are here for soul growth and soul growth only. 
The real stepping stone, the one on our path to our purpose in life is: What is my relationship to my moral compass? What is your behavior while striving to attain your plans and goals? Are you choosing to live your life and make your everyday decisions based on your own core values? Every decision and every choice that you make either comes from your core values or it doesn’t. That doesn’t mean blocking differing opinions, viewpoints or values. It means listening, learning and then evaluating the information. As you grow from child to adult and have new experiences, meet new people and discover new ideas, your core values can change.
That is a good thing because no one is born fully formed.
Dead people say: Time is relativeyour choices are not. Do what you came here for: GROW!

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