The Definition of Love:

Unconditional, Non-judgemental Acceptance


Dead people are all about love. I have been a medium since birth, and with all of the thousands of dead people that I’ve worked with, no one has ever said that they wish that they had worked more. No dead person has ever brought up weight, money, appearance or status. Every single one, with no exceptions, has come to me out of concern for the emotional well-being of their loved ones. Dead people want us to let go of the limits that we have put on our hearts and to expand our definition and expressions of love. They want us to know that no matter what our challenges may be, it is possible to have a more peaceful and loving heart, and that having a peaceful and loving heart will lead to having a more fulfilled life. 
Love is not only what you experience with a partner, a parent or a child; it’s a way of looking at life. Love is a way of looking at challenging personalities and situations and realizing that you don’t have to agree with someone, or even like them, to be able to maintain peace in your heart. Carrying hatred, animosity or any kind of negativity is not showing love for yourself. It will not lead to a healthier or happier life. When you let go of reacting to others’ beliefs or personalities, you are letting go of the emotional strings that bind you to their negative energy.
At our core all human beings want the same things out of life. We want to love and be loved and we want safety and happiness for ourselves and those whom we love. The only difference we have is how we go about obtaining these desires. It isn’t our job, responsibility or right to judge anyone’s value because of the way that they pursue these goals. A person’s value may not be that they make the world a better place. It may be that their existence challenges you to define your values, so that you can make the world a better place.
Dead people say; All of the important questions in life can be answered with love.

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