Fear was wired into our DNA, as part of the ‘fight or flight’ warning system. It helped us learn to see ourselves as separate from threats such as a lion or a snake, and when confronted by them, helped us choose appropriate action. These threats have ebbed, but instead of fear also ebbing, it’s become a misplaced source of stress. We’ve allowed this emotion to creep into every aspect of our decision-making process and it’s not productive and rarely needed. 

You don’t need to feel fear to accomplish your goals. In fact, this emotion will block the free flow of your creative energy. Think of it as a roadblock directing you to a detour. Whether you’re preparing a major presentation for your job, trying to get your kids off to school or learning to code, allowing your creative energy to flow freely will help your life feel less stressed. When an artist paints, a composer composes or a chef cooks, they are expressing their connection to an inspiring energy. Whatever field the artist may be in, they will all tell you the same thing; when they allow the energy to flow freely they do their best work. 

This doesn’t mean denying your emotions. It means learning to differentiate between fear warning you of a true danger and fear protecting your ego (as in self-image). Fear may keep you from walking down a dark alley or trusting an unscrupulous person. Or it may present itself when you’re challenged to make a change in your life. Our ego craves safety and familiarity brings comfort and a sense of security. Being faced with a change can bring tremendous fear even when the change offers growth and opportunity. True courage is facing your fear, figuring out if its danger-based or ego-based and taking action.
Dead people say:  There are so many good things for you to discover in this world, don’t let fear stop you! Face it, examine it, deal with it and move on.


  1. This is spot on. Fear is there to protect us (ie., your dark alley example) but can keep us stuck if we don’t recognize when it is our ego resisting change.

  2. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is something I continue to strive for, although fear has won plenty of battles. Being in the flow of creativity is fun, and deserves more time and attention.

  3. It’s like I needed to hear this message today. I have been allowing fear to stop me from doing so much lately. Thank you

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