We are born for soul growth. We are in this place at this time because of the things that we need to learn and for the things that people can learn from us. Sometimes the lessons are obvious and sometimes they’re not. It can be difficult for us to understand what a person is here for when none of their successes correspond with society’s view of success. Society dictates that success comes with power, money, fame or other visible signs of achievement. But that type of success is always temporary. You die and it goes away. True success is about being able to keep your voice, attitude and behavior in line with your spirit, no matter what you are facing.

When we see someone struggling with a physical or mental disease, we may see them as unable to achieve success in business, relationships or other personal goals. But that may not be why they’re here. They are in that particular situation because it’s the best place for them to learn their own lessons and to be of service to others. It’s important to remember that the external things that we value, including appearance, family, health and financial security, have been gifted to us to help us along our path. It can be difficult to believe or to accept but loneliness, ill health and financial insecurity have been gifted to people for the same reason.
It is our responsibility to help those who are struggling. To give them a handout when needed and a hand up when they’re ready. All human beings are on the same journey, each showing the other a different perspective. When we accept that, we open ourselves to lessons that we could never learn on our own.
Dead people say: Be thankful and be grateful. Most important: be aware that whether you can see it or not, everyone has value.


  1. Interesting article, you can learn so much from other people. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow. I really needed this today. I am one with multiple obstacles in my path and I feel that I’m finally removing many of those obstacles, but it is still a process. Thanks for the reminder that I’m here, doing what I’m supposed to. =)

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