What Do You Wish For?

  What do you wish for? A different job or more fulfilling career, to write or paint or have more satisfying relationships? Do you dream of traveling, learning a new language, or owning a particular car or motorcycle? Knowing what you want and going for it can open you to a new connection to your true self. If you can face what is blocking you truthfully, deal with it and then move past it, you can achieve almost anything. Here’s the rub: if you obtained your wish or achieved your dream​, how would you feel?      
I know that you’ve heard it before, but this time dead people are saying it. Dead people who lived and strived for happiness and success just as you are doing right now say: If your sense of achievement, power or self-esteem comes from outside sources, it will be very short-lived.
Allowing your happiness and sense of accomplishment to be based on what you believe others admire is a losing battle. There will always be newer cars, more popular vacation spots and more prestigious jobs. Unless you can go deeper and look beyond anyone else’s reaction to your achievement, you won’t find long-term happiness. If no one were looking, what would you want? If no one would ever know about your achievement, what would you strive for?
There is nothing wrong with wanting new things or experiences. It’s why you want them that matters. If you go past ego and get to your core, you will connect with new aspects of yourself. If you pursue a desire with no regard for outside approval, you will be pursuing a desire that comes from your soul, not your ego. This is where you’ll find a long term sense of peace, happiness and fulfillment that you can’t get from any other source.
Dead people say: You matter. Who you are and what you are right now matters. We wish that we had known this when we were alive. We wouldn’t have wasted so much time trying to please other people. Dig deep and just be you!

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