Vision of Children

I had an appointment with a group of women who were all related. Sisters, cousins, nieces, etc.. Two nights before the event, I had a vision of small children, a lot of small children. They had gathered together to get my attention. They were the children of these women, children who had died young or who were not born due to illness, accident, abortion or miscarriage. They weren’t just the children of these women, but also the children of their ancestors. They were also their ancestors children not born, or who had died young, due to the holocaust. Their message: We are together. When the children of our family die, they join us. We are all connected as a family, generation to generation. We love you.

There was no judgement, only unconditional love. Total 
acceptance and complete open hearted love. Illness, abortion, miscarriage, gas chamber, the reason for their presence on the other side was not an issue for them. They just wanted to make sure that these women knew that they were not judged, only loved.

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