At Our Core

Throughout my life I have dealt with thousands of dead people. People who at one time walked this earth the same way that we do now. When in body their appearances, economics, religions, ethnicities, taste in food, music and entertainment differed from each other. Their beliefs and behavior differed from each other. Now, without a body and with the gift of a much broader perspective on life, the vast majority of dead people have let go of their attachment to everything that separates people from each other. What matters to them is what connects us to each other. Love. The commonality of all human beings living or dead, at their core, is Love.

When you look past appearance, past personality, and past beliefs; when you look at the core of human beings, you find that we all want the same things out of life. Every person wants to love and be loved. Every person wants safety and happiness for themselves and those whom they love. All behavior stems from these desires. Appearance is a combination of genetics and personal esthetics. Personality is a construct for interacting with life. Beliefs are a way for us to distill the overwhelming input of life into a manageable flow.

These 3 things: appearance, personality and beliefs, present themselves differently depending on acceptability in your particular culture. Fashion, mannerisms and religious expression vary from region to region but none of it matters. At our core, we are all the same.

The major regret that dead people have is in not being more open about their love for us. They now know how important it is to let go of the ‘importance‘ of our differences and to focus on appreciation of our individuality.

Dead people say: Let go of needing to have people mirror your own beliefs, before you accept them. Please, don’t make the same mistakes that we did.

Question: People seem to act from more motives then love. When they act from other desires or fear, is that their core?

Victoria: At our core, at the very core of human beings, is Love. Fear, anger, greed and other non-compassionate behaviors are not at anyone’s core. When people act from these emotions they are still looking for the same things that everyone else is: love, safety and happiness. But because of their personal life experience, they have learned to pursue these things in a different way.

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