What is Soul?

Question: What does soul mean? I have thought about this for a long time and don’t understand.
                                                           Spirit, Soul, Essence
Victoria: We are not our body. We are not our appearance, our personality or our beliefs. We are Spirit, sometimes called soul or essence, temporarily residing in a body. We use a body to facilitate our existence on this plane.
As humans, we move from home to home during our lifetime. Each home is a temporary shelter aligning with a particular stage in our growth and development. As Spirit (soul), we move from body to body during our existence. Each body is a temporary shelter aligning with a particular stage in our growth and development.
We come to this life, from the other side, for soul growth. We are born into a life situation that will provide us with the challenges that our soul needs for growth.

All life on earth is temporary; even the earth itself is temporary.  Spirit is eternal.
Question: Hi Victoria and thanks for the attempt, but I have to be honest that this brings me no closer to understanding it. I think I’m too concrete or something, or just not spiritual???
Victoria: I don’t think that you’re concrete. I think that you’re solidly connected to your life and life in general. From all of my experience in working with angels and people who have passed over and from my experience in taking and teaching classes and from my experience in doing readings for people, the most important lesson that I’ve learned is: It doesn’t  matter what you think, it doesn’t matter what you believe, it only matters how you behave.
Let go of the need for definition and look at the way that you lead your life. From my perspective, you live every day in a spiritual way. You are kind, sensitive, and very non-judgmental. Some people spend their lives studying spirituality and still miss the most important point: Just be kind. That is your nature.

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