Ten Things Of Thankful 5/19/23

Gratitude brings a shift in consciousness. It can literally change your neural pathways to allow you to feel happiness more easily. I hope that these posts inspire you to think of your own: Ten Things of Thankful!
1. Meditation. I woke up with half-a-head of steam and the day could have gone either way. I choose peace, put on a youtube meditation and allowed it to take the edge off. So far I haven’t been mean to myself or anyone else. Yea me!
2. The grass and leaves are beautifully green.
3. Pink tulips from my husband.
4. The hazy sky. Our skies are hazy from the smoke coming from the Canadian wildfires. I’m not thankful for the fires, but I am thankful that we’re all being reminded of how small our world is. I’m thankful for every person who looks up and sees the muted greys, whites and blues covering the sun and realizes that we all can play a part in stopping global warming.
5. Upcoming baby shower!
I was going through old photos and found these:
6. Wonderful memory of 2 of my nephews around 1995.
7. Last month with my nephews kids.
8. Wonderful memories of 2 nieces and a nephew. Hoping to get pictures with them and their kids soon.
9. My sister and me, no idea when.
10. Every family get-together ever.


  1. Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld

    What happy pictures! I love pictures with smiling faces!

  2. messymimi's meanderings

    Family is a special blessing!

  3. Delightful! Thank you, Victoria, for sharing your wonders and inspiring mine.

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