Ten Things of Thankful

Gratitude brings a shift in consciousness. It can literally change your neural pathways to allow you to feel happiness more easily. I hope that these posts inspire you to think of your own: Ten Things of Thankful!

Today is about the small things that can easily be taken for granted.

1. Water. Cold or hot, clear clean water running freely from the tap. The flooding and droughts and lack of clean water in so many parts of the world have made me extremely grateful for my easy access to water.
2. Heat and air-conditioning. A simple pleasure, to be able to choose to be warm or cool with the flick of a switch. Living in Minnesota it’s not unusual to use both in the same day.
3. Electricity. Cooking, cleaning, reading, laundry and of course running all of the electronics.
4. Lots of big windows. We walked through a lot of houses before choosing this one. I took one step over the threshold and into the entryway and knew this was it. Three huge, almost floor-to-ceiling windows letting in the bright beautiful sun! I immediately told our realtor that this was it and in complete shock he looked at me and said: Don’t you want to look at it first?
5. Watching my husband watch squirrels. He knows which ones live in the backyard and which in the front. He knows when they’re building nests and gets concerned if they go missing for a few days. ❤️
6. Chocolate.
7. Not having to risk my life to learn how to read.
8. TV. I’m not crazy about watching TV. I find most of it boring and repetitive. But I do love sitting on the couch with my husband. 20 years from now, when I look back at time spent, the memories of holding hands and watching silly shows will warm my heart and make me smile.
9. Nice neighbors.
10. Clean air.


  1. Victoria, I give thanks for these things daily, and people think I’m crazy if I mention gratitude for plumbing or electricity. I hope I never get over hot showers, which so many do not have. Thanks for a great post.

  2. This is a very powerful and important reminder to really appreciate what we have. Some things seem so small…and we take them for granted every day.

    Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Gratitude is the key to happiness. Great list of things that make you thankful. I am also quite grateful for those things. I use ice everyday in my water and I am so happy to have clean water and ice as a luxury. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Such a powerful list of things we tend to take for granted because these things are always available to us.
    Love how you JUST KNEW this was the house for you. Obviously the other rooms didn’t disappoint.

    • Thanks, Tamara. Watching the news makes me remember how fortunate we are to have easy access to all of these things.

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