In my post What Happens When We Die I talk about hell. Since then I’ve had many  questions about heaven.

What is Heaven?

Heaven and hell aren’t two different places; they are two different experiences in the same place. The difference in our experience depends on our behavior during our life and on whether or not we take responsibility for our actions.
During our lifetime we all have done things that have helped or harmed others. When we die we experience the ripple effect of our behaviors. We’ll experience the love and gratitude from those that we have helped and we’ll experience the pain and suffering from those that we have harmed. This isn’t about reward or punishment; it’s about experiencing a step in your education.
In both what we call heaven and what we call hell, we have a life review. We are held in the arms of angels as we experience the ramifications of our actions. Causing harm to others is emotionally isolating. It causes us to  feel separate from others, to feel alone. The more that a person blinds themselves to the harm that they
have caused, the more alone they will feel. That’s why a person who thinks that they are in hell can’t feel the angels. That doesn’t mean that the angels aren’t there; it just means that the person can’t feel them. When people begin to accept responsibility for their
actions, when they begin to feel remorse, they will begin to sense the angels. This is the beginning of their recovery.
Heaven works exactly the same way. You are held in the arms of angels as you experience your life review. You’ll experience the love and joy that you have brought into the lives of others. These powerful emotions can feel blissful. That feeling is what has been called heaven.
We have all helped and harmed others. In our life review we’ll experience both the harm and the help that we’ve brought into the world. The difference between heaven and hell is that in heaven we can feel the love.

Question: Do the lessons that we learn from our mistakes help us to make choices for our next life?

Victoria: They can. It’s up to us how we use the information.
Question: Will having an awareness of how heaven/hell works allow us to make better decisions?
Answer: It’s up to you! Honestly this is why dead people are working with me. They truly believe that the more we know the better decisions we’ll make.
Question: It sounds to me like heaven/hell is more a feeling/emotion than a place. Something that is inside of us like feelings of right and wrong. ​Is this true?
Victoria: Yes, this is true. Our essence, our soul is not physical. We have no need for a physical place when we have no body. 
For more information check out the post: What Happens When We Die


  1. I can’t help but think it’d be helpful to experience this ripple effect of our behaviors in our living years. You know, make up for our mistakes while we can. Some people have the insight to do so, but others (and their loved ones) would benefit from being confronted. Know what I mean?

  2. Victoria, thanks for a lovely post. I especially like your last sentence. We have no need for a physical place when we have no more physical body. I have always seen Heaven as a dimensional shift away from Earthly life. Blessings!

  3. I agree with Lily about having heaven on earth. Having been to heaven it’s sorta like having heaven on earth.

  4. Interesting. I like learning about someone else’s beliefs.

  5. I like to believe we can have heaven on earth.

  6. heaven/hell is more a feeling/emotion than a place .<3

  7. I like the last question/answer. No standing outside the gates in lines, right? This is a thought-provoking post.

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