What Happens When We Die?

When someone dies there is no “one size fits all” experience. We are each individuals with individual needs. Here are answers to some of the questions that I’ve been asked.

What do people experience right after they die if they believe that death is final?

To someone who believes that death is final and that there is no afterlife, their death will feel like a dream. They will be surrounded by those who love them unconditionally. Their angels, guides and loved ones who have already passed will surround the person and just emanate love. At this point emanating love is their sole (and soul!) purpose. When the person is ready, they will slowly wake to their new reality. This is a very gentle process and never rushed. It takes as long as it takes and their loved ones will continue to surround them and let the love flow for as long as needed.
What if they believe that they’re going to hell?
 A person who expects to go to hell is usually filled with guilt and fear. If their emotions are strong enough, their mind will create a version of hell that fits with their beliefs. But it is all in their mind. While they are existing in what their mind has created, they’ll be held in the arms of angels. They will be in their own created hell until they allow themselves to hear the whispers of the angels.
What is hell?
We’ve all heard the stories of someone having a near-death experience and having their entire life flash before their eyes. In a way this is true. When we die we have a life review, going back over our entire life from birth to death. This isn’t like watching a movie. We experience the emotions that we’ve created in other people as if they were our own emotions. But not just the person that we interacted with, we also experience the emotions from all of the people that person interacted with.
Imagine that you’re running late, you jump in your car and go as fast as you can to get where you’re going. You’re so focused on getting there that you don’t even notice that a bicyclist went into a ditch trying to avoid you. The bicyclist, covered in mud and filled with rage went home. They’re so angry that they started yelling at their child until the child cried. The child went to school and was so upset that they started a fight with another kid and got suspended.
During your life review you will experience the mud and the rage of the bicyclist, the fear and humiliation of the child and the anger and confusion of the parents of the kid who got suspended. You will experience every emotion that stems from every one of your behaviors. You will see every action that you have taken or not taken and feel how it has affected someone else’s life. Until you get it. Until you realize that you are responsible for every word that you speak and every action that you do or do not take. Every person is responsible for their own behavior. The bicyclist and the child are each responsible for their own words and actions. But your life review is about you and how your life affected those around you.
These are very painful experiences for us, but hell is not about punishment. It’s about education and the opportunity for growth. Once you completely understand and accept responsibility the pain will ease. Part of completely understanding is accepting that you didn’t know then what you know now. You do have to take responsibility but you must also have compassion for yourself. Having compassion for yourself will lead to opening your heart to have compassion for those who have hurt you.
Dead people say: Don’t fear your life review. Your guardian angel will be with you. You are always safe and protected when you’re with us.


  1. thought provoking. As I person who has had a stroke, I think about death sometime. I will be interesting in reading about what happens when you believe in heaven as Kathleen posed.

  2. Kathleen Garcia

    Interesting! I am not sure how to respond but you really made me think. What happens if you believe in heaven that you will go there when you die?

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