Growing Our Relationship to Our Soul

After reading my post What is Soul? , people have asked me to talk more about what soul growth is and how it happens.
We are born for one reason and one reason only: Growing Our Relationship to Our Soul.
Soul growth is a term for the evolution of our relationship to our soul. Remember being a teenager and thinking that you knew everything? The older that you got and the more life that you experienced the more your decision-making capabilities evolved. Growing your relationship to your soul is about taking the knowledge from your life experience, using it to develop your moral compass and learning to let it guide your decision making. Just as your decision-making skills have evolved since you were a teen, so can your connection to your moral compass.
Soul growth happens in two ways, what we learn from our interactions with others and what others learn from us. We think that we learn things from taking classes or reading books. But the only way that we know what we have really learned is by applying our lessons to life. Imagine thinking that you know how to drive a car because you read a book. Until you get behind the wheel and apply your book learning to real life, you won’t know how other drivers really act. You can’t become adept at dealing with speeders, slow drivers, no signals, wrong signals or the many other idiosyncrasies that drivers have without real life experience. The same is true with soul growth. We can learn ideas, tenets and philosophies from many learned and wise teachers. But until we put these lessons into action in real life, we can’t absorb them into out being. Reading and taking classes is important and a wonderful way to gain exposure to a tribe of people that value soul growth. Soul growth happens when you are in a challenging situation and are able to apply those lessons to real life situations.
Being born is being allowed access to the most exclusive prep school available. You live here and learn here and when you die, you are graduating from this particular class and you go home. When you go home, you can’t take money, possessions, power or fame with you. What you do take is the knowledge that you have gained from the experiences that you’ve had and the love that you have shared.
As a medium I’ve learned many interesting things from dead people. One of the most fascinating is that contrary to popular beliefs, you do participate in the choice of your birth family. Before you are born, you meet with your spiritual guides. They review the progression of your soul’s growth with you and then they help you become aware of what lessons will be beneficial in your next stage of growth.  The  external traits of the particular family that you are born into, your birth order, sex, race, economic status, religion, all offer you specific challenges. As do the internal traits such as temperament and health. Usually inherited traits, whether genetic or experiential, are thought of as individual parts that added together constitute you as a whole. In truth, they are a lesson plan. They provide you with specific points to study. Your job in regard to your family, is to examine every aspect of the information that you have garnered from them and determine how it serves you. If it serves you well, keep it. If it doesn’t serve you, learn from it, take the knowledge and move on. 
One of the simplest signals that we get to help us recognize a lesson waiting to be learned, is feeling a sudden overwhelmingly strong emotion. Whether you’re dealing with your family, friends, coworkers or complete strangers, whatever makes you the angriest, the most uncomfortable or whatever you feel smug about, is a blinking neon sign pointing you directly at a lesson. Strong emotions aren’t bad. Their purpose is to make you think: Why am I feeling this so strongly? Is the experience that’s leading to this feeling: challenging my beliefs, confirming my beliefs or threatening my ego? When you look deeply into the why of your emotions, you are opening yourself to finding your lesson.  
We all have many lessons to learn in this life; that’s why we’re here. Having a clear idea of what makes up your moral compass and living by those beliefs is a step in the right direction. But don’t forget that you’re here to learn. Your ideas and beliefs may change and that’s a good thing! It means that you’ve opened yourself to learning and growing your relationship to your soul.


  1. Very interesting. I am learning to tune into my guides. I remember meeting them when I was a baby. Recently I’ve had dreams where I met them, again. They are magnificent, tall and strong.

    • Hello Kathleen, Sometimes our guides will appear to us emanating a particular attribute. They do this to remind us we also have that attribute. Your guides are reminding you that you have that same strength within you that you see in them. How fortunate for you to be able to see them!

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