There is No Broken – Part II

Beyond appearance, beyond personality and beyond beliefs, we are soul. At the core of every human being is soul. We as soul come to this life in this place at this time for one reason, soul growth. Our own growth and that of the lives that we affect. As we age from child through adult, we learn behaviors that facilitate our human experience. Sometimes those behaviors enhance our connection to our soul and sometimes they don’t. Anytime that we lie, cheat, gossip or behave in any way that is hurtful to others or ourselves, we are ignoring our connection to our soul. The more that we ignore that connection, the less we’ll be able to feel it. That doesn’t mean that the connection isn’t there; it just means that we can’t feel it. In addition to our behavior making us feel separated from our soul, at times we all will experience devastation. Whether it’s from the loss of a loved one, a betrayal, a health crisis or from any of a myriad of life experiences, we may feel what has been called broken. We are not broken; we are unmoored. We are being stripped of the illusion of what we thought about life. The beliefs that we felt connected us to our lives are being shattered, not us.
Resilience is realizing that you are more than your beliefs or your experiences. Resilience is accepting new information, incorporating it and using it to grow. We can allow our pain and misery to become our path or we can accept that horrible things happen and use our experience to grow and move forward. Resilience doesn’t mean forgetting, denying or in any way diminishing your experience. It means accepting that painful things happen to everyone and that it is possible to move forward.
All of our being – our emotions, our body and our mind – are held together by our soul. Always. Even when we feel broken we are not. Our soul is the tether that holds all of our aspects together and our soul is our connection to the light, the love and all of the possibilities that the universe holds.


  1. What I have learned is that things happen, the good and the bad. And that they happen to everyone. I’ve been reading Timothy Miller’s How to Want What You Have.

  2. Wow, this is powerful. I study and present on resilience and appreciate how you framed it here. I also love how you look at us as being unmoored, not broken.

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