I Asked My Guides

Victoria: What do you want us to know?
Guides: No matter what is happening, it’s okay to have a peaceful heart. You make better decisions when you have a peaceful heart.
Victoria: What is a peaceful heart? 
Guides: Having a peaceful heart means that you know that whatever is happening in your life is temporary. It means having a center of gravity that you can return to, to help you remain calm.

A weeping willow is one of the strongest trees. It survives storms that destroy the stately elms and other trees. Why? Because it bends. Its strength starts in its roots and spreads throughout tits trunk and limbs. The willow stands strong but sways and bends with the wind. When the storm passes, the willow again stands tall.
Just as the trees experience hurricanes and tornadoes, you will experience emotional storms.
You can be like the mighty oak looking strong tall and formidable and be destroyed by the passing storm. Or you can be like the willow and accept that whatever is happening is a passing storm. It’s your choice whether or not you allow the storms to destroy you. If you learn to stay centered, you can learn to experience your storms as passing eventsWhen you see emotional upheaval as a passing storm, it’s easier to keep a peaceful heart.
Victoria: How do we stay centered?
Guides: Just breathe. In any situation where you’re feeling stressed, angry, insecure or unsure in any way, the best thing to do is to focus on your breathing. No matter how others behave, you have no control over anyone but yourself. To remain calm, focus on your breathing until you are able to act in a way that is aligned with your values.


  1. That you wrote this as a conversation makes it easy to read. And breathing to relax and unstress is something that I never remember to do!

  2. This is such a great reminder to bend and flex. Bend and flex – much better than breaking! I love the way you presented this, too 🙂

  3. My first visit to your blogs. I really enjoyed it!

  4. This is a very calming post. I learned to just breathe when I regularly practiced yoga. I am restarting my practice but breathing through stress is one thing that I always carried with me. Thank you for the reminder!

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