Intuition – Your Most Powerful Tool

When humans first walked this earth, our survival depended on sensing the energy emitted from
what we confronted. If we were hunting and tracking our kill, happening upon a lone wolf hobbling
on a broken leg would set off a completely different response than being charged by a pack of wolves. Being confronted by a life-and-death situation didn’t give us time to ponder choices. It didn’t give us time to think; we had to react or die.
This fight-or-flight response was called instinct. It’s our innate ability to know without conscious reasoning. As we evolved, instinct evolved into what is now called a sixth sense, a highly sensitive person or intuition. These are all the same thing: the ability to know without conscious reasoning. When we learn how to use and trust our intuition, it’s the most powerful tool that we have to navigate life. Intuition can be used for something as simple as knowing that someone is texting you before it’s on your phone and as complex as knowing to get off of a plane.
Teena was an ER nurse working long hours in a stressful environment. She planned a weekend get away with friends for some well-deserved time off. For weeks they talked about hotels, restaurants, clubs and shopping. Finally the day came and Teena and her friends arrived at the airport. Amid the joking and laughter, Teena felt a nagging sense of unease. The closer that they got to boarding, the more dread began to overtake her. As soon as she got on the plane, she knew that she couldn’t go on the trip. She had no idea why she couldn’t go but trusted her intuition and got off. She was confused and disappointed and left the airport heading home. A few blocks into her drive she came upon a multi-car accident. She was first on the scene and with her nursing experience was able to begin triage. Teena saved lives that day. She looks at getting off of that plane as one of the best decisions that she ever made.
Your job may not involve life-and-death decisions. But you are making choices every day that can affect your happiness and well-being. By developing and learning to trust your inner navigation system, you’ll be able to make your choices more easily and with less stress.
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  1. I am often torn between believing that it was gut feeling or a logical conclusion I reached because of past memories.. But then those totally weird coincidences have happened because of these feelings either I or someone close to me had, and then I am left wondering again..

  2. I believe that I have a very good intuition sort of like a sixth sense!

  3. I sometimes second guess my thoughts and in the long run it turns out that by changing plans when my intuition kicks in is for the better. Great post.

  4. That’s as much luck as anything else. (Or, self-justification.)

  5. This is very useful information. More people should learn to trust themselves a bit more.

  6. This post is so timely! I have just been receiving a lot of intuitive encouragement to trust the intuitive encouragement I receive. 🙂 And now, here’s more!

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