Intuition Part II


Alice is Ethan’s second wife. They met three years after his divorce was finalized and it was love at first sight. They were both in their 40s and had enough life experience to know that their connection was something special. His ex vehemently disagreed and did everything possible to poison their three teenagers against the relationship.

Here’s how intuition played into it.
Ethan knew that his ex had no legitimate reason to have such animosity toward Alice. So he rekindled his meditation practice, opening himself to ex’s real motivation. His intuitive response came quickly. He realized that this was completely about power. As long as Ethan was alone the ex still felt that she could control him. This may sound like old news to those of you who have been divorced, but feeling used and manipulated was new to Ethan and he didn’t like it. He knew that he had to be very careful to not let the kids get caught in the middle.
He now began his meditation by relaxing, closing his eyes and saying to himself: I open every cell in my being to the words and behavior that will be the best for my kids. Then, as we had practiced, he let go of his intention and began his meditation. He felt no immediate answer, but the next day he felt his intuitive energy so strongly it almost knocked him over. No words, but an overwhelming knowing to turn all phones off at dinner. That night as he, Alice and the kids sat down to dinner he collected phones, including his own, and turned them all off. Later that evening when he turned his phone on there was a blistering rant from the ex. At their next dinner Ethan collected the phones again. This time she called the kids and berated them with loud angry messages. At their next conversation Ethan reminded her that he only had dinner with the kids twice a week and that it was important to him to give them all of his attention, so the no phones while eating rule would stand. He said nothing about her behavior. He accepted that he had no control over her, only over himself.
After a few more explosive episodes, the ex accepted that she could do nothing about the no phone rule and stopped calling during dinner. By believing in his intuition Ethan saved everyone from a lot of anger anxiety and stress.
Unexpected by-product, a few months into the no phones rule, Ethan overheard his youngest talking to a friend. Son: No, it’s true. We can’t use phones at dinner. Friend: What do you do when you’re eating? Son: We talk to each other!
Dead people say: Intuition is your inner guidance system. Learn to listen and trust it! You can always count on it to point you in your best direction.
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  1. I remember the “old” days before devices and we turned TV off during dinner. It was a family time to talk about how the day went between school, our parents work and our grandparents day. It would e great to get back to the simple live, if even only at dinner time!

  2. Interesting read with some stuff to think about.

  3. Love the guidance to turn phones off at dinner! And I agree that it can be amazing to experience the guidance you can receive if you are open to your intuition.

  4. Love this post. There are really a lot of lessons to be learned in this story.

    I would like to impose the no electronics at dinner rule in this household. We are raising a 15 year old granddaughter who seems to not be able to have a meal without her laptop in front of her. Unfortunately, she has a rare eating disorder, too, and I’ll do about anything in order to get her to eat or try new foods. I know she’s distracting herself from the fear of food (she has a condition called ARFID). You’ve given me an idea to tap into intuition to listen for answers about how I might help her. Thank you so much for this.

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