Dreams About the Past

Dreams about the past can provide you with valuable information about your present. To learn from your dream, become the observer. Examine your dream and remember the emotions that it created.
Charlie came to me because of a recurring dream. It had been bugging him for weeks and he wanted some kind of explanation. In the dream he was in a meeting with a past client, Dan. Instead of
billing his home Dan wanted everything billed directly to  his office. At the time, Charlie was young and inexperienced. Dan was wealthy, powerful and well-connected in the community. Charlie felt uncomfortable and unsure of what to do. Dan convinced him to bill his  office by explaining that this was how all of his vendors handled billing. Dan also reminded him that he could either refer clients to him or away from him. Charlie acquiesced, knowing that something didn’t feel right but not knowing what else to do. Charlie’s fears were justified, since several years later Dan ended up in jail for tax evasion.
I asked Charlie what emotions he had felt during the dream and when he awoke. Intimidated, weak, powerless and bullied, he said. I then asked if he was feeling those emotions in any current
situation. He immediately put the pieces together and realized that a current client was not being straightforward with him.  His dream made him aware of the correlation between the past and the present. But, this time he had the knowledge and experience to handle it differently.
Dreams are magical. They can help us release daily stress, wake up our creativity and like Charlie, remind us of lessons that we’ve already learned.
Dead people say: You know more than you think you do. Listen to yourself!

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