A Purpose of a Noisy Mind

A noisy mind can be a sign of your intuition at work. A few nights ago, I went about my
usual nighttime routine: glass of water, brushed my teeth, went to bed. The entire time the
same scene kept playing over and over again in my mind. 
Several decades ago, I left work and in the bitter cold and freezing wind struggled to lock
the door. The girl with me joked about being careful not to let the key freeze and break off
in the lock. I finally got the door locked and headed home. Around 1:30 am, my boss called
furious and yelling that the police had found the door unlocked. No one had broken in, but
the door wasn’t locked. 
Finally I got it and went to check my front door. I could see that the deadbolt was engaged,
but because of that nagging mind worm, I pulled on the handle. The door opened. The
deadbolt appeared locked but, just like in my past experience, the mechanism had frozen
and wasn’t fully engaged.
When your mind keeps playing the same thought or the same emotion over and over again,
look at your thought or emotion. Examine it. It could be your intuition trying to get your attention.

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