Creating Yourself


You are a creation. Physically you were created by your parents but, as you well know, you are more than just an amalgam of the two people who contributed their genes. You may have characteristics that can be traced back generations: coloring, body shape, posture, even your interests may follow a familial line. But you are unique, with unique skills and talents. You are born with a particular set of traits. Which of them you choose to focus on and how you use them is how you express your individuality; it’s how you create yourself.

 Nate had inherited a gift of gab. In his teens and 20’s he used it very successfully to sell drugs and seduce women. He always had plenty of cash and at least one beautiful girlfriend. When he reached his 30’s, things began to change. His more stable friends were getting married and having children. Some of his druggy friends straightened out their lives, some died, and some went to jail. As his friends and acquaintances drifted away, Nate felt more and more isolated. Loneliness and lack of money forced him to reevaluate his life. For the first time, he got a legitimate job. In sales. He chose to use his natural talent for connecting with people to move his life in a new direction. It wasn’t easy and there were missteps along the way, but he knew that his old life was a dead end and he was committed to changing. It took time and a lot of hard work and his efforts payed off. Today Nate is clean, sober, happily married and very successful in his career.
For most people the idea of change is frightening. You cling to what you know and who you think you are, because it’s familiar. Familiar feels safe, but it’s limiting. Successful change can happen only when you have the courage to become aware of your own natural talents and then use them. 
As a child, Peter was a gifted guitar player. Music was his passion and he planned on pursuing it as a career. But his parents decided otherwise. He was told that he didn’t have the talent to play professionally and music wasn’t an acceptable career path. He didn’t have the strength or finances to stand up to them, and he let go of his dream.
Peter spent decades trying one career after another, failing miserably at all of them. The failures took a toll on his self-esteem and that took a toll on every aspect of his life. In serious need of money, he decided to take on a few guitar students, just until he could find a real job. Awareness of his teaching and guitar talents spread. He began to be sought after by more and more students, until he had a full schedule. Peter became a respected and in demand teacher. Two of his students went on to Juilliard and several others have successful careers as musicians. Peter had been told over and over again that music was not an acceptable career path. It took desperation for him to finally have the courage to break free from his programming and to see his talents as something worthy.
 Dead people sayTrue freedom comes from accepting that you create your life through your choices!

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