Why Can’t I See My Loved One ?

         The question that I have been asked most often is: Why can’t I see my mother, father, husband, wife, child, sister, brother or other loved one? The reason that you can’t see your loved one is because: Life is for the Living.
      You will hear me say this over and over again. You have a very short time to be the person you are in this time and in this place. It is important to remember to take this wonderful opportunity, this gift of life that you have been given, and to live your life to the fullest. If you allow memories of those who are gone to overwhelm you, three things happen:
      1. By constantly dwelling on the past, you keep yourself from growing int0 the best 
          you  that you can be; you keep yourself from fulfilling your own destiny.
      2. You become blinded to all of the joy and happiness available to you.
      3. You may hinder your loved one in their pursuits in their own existence. 
      The ties of love are the strongest forces in nature, and being separated by life and death does not change this. Your loved ones can feel your pain and they can ache for you. It is important not to use your grief as a tether to keep them close. I am not saying don’t grieve, grieving is a natural and important part of loss. It is important for you, and for them to do your best to grieve in a way that will bring healing to both of you.
      1. Cry when you need to. Tears are nature’s way of cleansing the heart.
      2. Do something for your self. Color your hair, watch a play or listen to a           
          concert. Read a book or paint a picture. Just do something that you enjoy! 
      3. Do something for others. You do have a light within you and the world will      
          be a better place if you let it shine. So volunteer for something. Shovel your
          neighbors sidewalk or bake someone a cake. Do something that isn’t about  
      4. Fill your heart with gratitude and say “Thank You”. Thank you for the gift of  
          having had that person in your life. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have love
          in their life. Keep the good memories in your heart and appreciate every moment
          you shared together.
      The reason that you can’t see your loved one is not because they don’t care. It is because you each have things to learn and things to do, individually. This isn’t the end of the road. It is just a fork in your path.
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