When I see you, I grow quiet. You appear passive and empty of emotion as though you want to be invisible.

When I sense your presence, a spark within me starts to glow. The spark that is at my core, the spark that is my connection to the universe senses the spark within you.

 I close my eyes, let go of the physical world and open myself to awareness of the energy emanating from you.
I respect your privacy, I don’t invade. I only feel what is freely coming from you.
Your energy is not passive, it’s guarded and I realize that it’s only about 10% of who you are.
Like an iceberg that shows 10% of itself above water, hiding 90% in the depths, you move quietly through life.
It’s not, as Thoreau said: a life of quiet desperation. It’s more a life of resignation. Accepting what you see as the limits of your options, the limits of your capabilities. 
Oh, how the world mourns the loss of your participation. 
Oh, how much better off we would all be if you felt free.

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