Where do our pets go when they die? Will we see them again?

Relationships with animals can be an extraordinary gift. Animals have no pretense or subterfuge, no animosity or insincerity. Those who have been well cared for, emanate their own spiritual energy with every fiber of their being and we are the fortunate beneficiaries of their gifts. They are such clear channels for “Light” that even when mistreated, they can still be conduits for unconditional love.

Whatever you may call Divine Light: God, Allah, Jesus or Universal Consciousness, animals are open conduits for this energy. When we open our hearts to them, we open ourselves to divine love.  When I’m working with someone who has lost trust in themselves or in other people, or someone who is in deep emotional pain, I’ll often suggest that they volunteer at an animal shelter. These animals have the ability to give so much natural love, that they can help us remember what real love feels like. Remembering the feeling of real love can help us recognize when it comes from people.


Answers to Questions:


Q:  ” I’ve been told that animals are the only spiritual guides that we see in physical form. “

A:  Everyone that enters our life has a gift for us. Sometimes that gift is a funny story, a friendship, or a great recipe. Sometimes the gift is a lesson in humility, patience, or tolerance. I believe that we are all Spirit Guides for each other. Animals are Spirit Guides for unconditional love. They help us remember what it is, and hopefully we learn to pass it on.


Q: “Pets. What happens to them? It’s seems sometimes like a ridiculous question but they play such a big role in our lives and sometimes they give us so much and we feel so much connection and love for them. “

A:  The same thing that happens to us, happens to them. Animal or human, our bodies are only a temporary shelter. When we die, we all leave our bodies and go home.


Q: ” I had a bird Kiwi for 13 YEARS. I loved her so. I still miss her. I tear up. But every now and then I still find a feather of hers. Once a giant feather. Other times small ones. Always hers, in rooms she’s not even been in. “

A:  The feathers are to remind you of the love. The grief is to remind you to be aware of the suffering of others. When you start to feel grief for Kiwi, look at and recognize your emotion. Then consciously open yourself to become aware of who in your life is suffering in that way.


Q: ” My Grandma mentioned to me the other day that as a girl, she had a goat. Will she see her goat again? “

A:  Yes! Absolutely.

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