For My Friend

For My Friend
We’re both walking through life on a balance beam.
Balancing what we know of the truth
our awareness of the veil
that others use to blur their vision.
Knowing that Light and Love is
available to everyone
accepting that few
allow themselves to see it.
We struggle with the suffering of our loved ones
knowing that we have no power to help them.
The best that we can do is to open every cell in
our being
to be a conduit for our love
the Light and Love of the universe.
Occasionally one of us may tremble,
waver and start to lose balance.
But the other is always there reaching out
to grasp
a hand
a heart
reminding us both of the strength
the gentleness of the Light.


  1. Thank you, Victoria, for this beautiful, heartfelt, life-affirming poem. When a situation is bleak and I feel powerless, I treasure being understood and acknowledged. It helps immensely to know I am not alone.

    You are a marvelous friend.

  2. Such a beautiful poem Victoria.. And yes, it is so very difficult when we know that we can do nothing more than just being there for them..

  3. Victoria, beautiful. Sometimes we can only hold onto their trembling hands. And love them.

  4. ❤️
    I know I have felt like I am on a balance beam, sometimes struggling to know where I can and cannot help. Often just being there is all that can be done.

  5. This is powerful. Sometimes all that you can do is be that conduit of light and love. I’m struggling with a family member who is suffering and can’t admit it. and we can’t do anything else.

    • My friend’s struggle is what prompted these words. Just being with your struggling loved one and loving them, can be one of the most difficult things that we do.

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