Ten Things of Thankful

Lisa invited me to participate in the ‘Ten Things of Thankful’ blog hop. Joining bloggers from all over the world in sharing what they’re grateful for. Check it out at: Prolific Pulse 

1. I’m grateful for Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld. Life took me away from writing and not writing began to take me away from myself. Writing my posts makes me go deeper into my connection to spirit. I discover a clarity that is only developed when I put words on paper. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Lisa!

2. I’m so grateful for my husband. He constantly surprises me with the way that he views and navigates the world. For the longest time he wouldn’t watch ‘The Voice’. He finally told me that couldn’t watch it because he thought that it was terrible how they exploited blind people. After I explained what blind auditions meant, we both had a great laugh.
3. I’m grateful for Mia director Katie Luber and Uffizi director Eike Schmidt. They worked together and brought an extraordinary exhibit to the Minneapolis Institute of Art: Botticelli and Renaissance Florence: Masterworks from the Uffizi. I’ve been emotionally drawn to the city since the flood of 1966 and seeing the art and learning some of the stories about them is a transcendent experience for me.
4. A beautiful sunset. Shades of pink gently evolving from pastel to dark to orange and purple.
5. My cousin/friend. We spent a lovely evening in their backyard talking and laughing. I’m so fortunate to have a good friend who’s known me since I was 2. We know each others history, cherish our similarities and appreciate our differences.
6. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi. I finished Half of a Yellow Sun several weeks ago and still think of it almost daily.
7. This Saturday we’re having a baby shower on zoom for my niece. So happy for them and for me! I’m a great-aunt again.
8. Ice cream, need I say more?
9. Watching my grandson play soccer. He just turned 6 and runs up and down the field like a popped balloon! By the end of the scrimmage he was definitely a pooped balloon.
10. I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach through the Community Education programs in Minnesota. Participants ask the most interesting questions and I’m honored to be able to help them.


  1. When mentioning Ice Cream there is no, need to say more. As for the rest I enjoyed getting to know more about you. I look forward to visiting throughout the #UBC.

  2. Thank you, Victoria, for sharing your blessings with this list. The variety, detail, and humor are great reminders that things to be thankful for surround us always. In the time it takes to try to count them, they have already multiplied.
    Today I am especially thankful for beauty and the eyes (physical and metaphorical) to see beauty.

  3. Lisa Tomey Zonneveld

    Aww…I’m so happy you joined. My favorite food is ice cream. Love your list.

  4. Sunsets are so calming.. And how wonderful to have such a close cousin/friend. I’m happy for you.

  5. So much to be thankful for!

  6. You’ve shared a beautiful list. Ice cream and exuberant grandchildren are especially fabulous.

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