Your Spiritual Team & Your Emotions

You may enjoy and appreciate spiritual guidance from a member of the clergy, a shaman or other type of spiritual teacher. These people-in-bodies can have wonderful insight and can be extremely helpful in assisting us on our earthly path.
We are also able to receive guidance from those without bodies.
Each of us has a Spiritual Team composed of Guardian Angels, Spiritual Guides, Ancestors and Beings of Light. They are with us through our entire existence, from before we are born, through this life, as we pass into the next and while we are on the other side. We are not going through this life alone; they are always with us. When you don’t feel their presence it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. It means that they are being quiet so that you can focus on and practice the lessons that you’ve learned.
Just to clarify, you may feel lonely but you have not been deserted and you are not going through your life alone. Ever. When you’re feeling the strong emotions of loneliness or being vulnerable it’s not because your team isn’t there, it’s because you’re human.
Having emotions is the nature of being human and they serve two purposes:
First, emotions are not good or bad, they are signals. Just like traffic signals tell you to stop, go, yield, turn or detour as you’re driving, emotions give you signals for your soul’s journey. They are your internal GPS and are tied into your intuition. Once you learn to be aware of and listen to your emotions they can help you discern right from wrong, people who wish you well from those who don’t and even what job to take. Denying or ignoring emotions can lead to making choices that may not have a positive outcome. Your team is not there to protect you from your emotions. They work like an amplifier, trying to boost the signal of the choices that will have the most positive outcome for you.
Oliver has OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. For over 20 years he has had an appointment to get his hair cut every other Tuesday at 1:00 pm. He leaves his home at exactly the same time, drives the exact same route and parks in the exact same place. Except once. He was following his regular routine when he felt an overwhelming urge to turn instead of going straight. Trying to convince a person with OCD to change their routine is like trying to convince the wind to stop blowing, nearly impossible. He fought this new compulsion as hard as he could but he finally turned and parked in a different spot. As he got out of his car he heard an earsplitting crash and loud screaming. Later he found out that the wind was so strong it had blown windows out of a 50​-story building and that they had crashed right on his normal parking spot. This is how your Spiritual Team works. They put everything that they have into trying to help you see choices with positive outcomes. Without their help Oliver would never have made the choice to turn.
Second, emotions are what connects all human beings to each other, they are our shared life experience. Whatever your ethnicity, religion, nationality or economics, we all experience a wide range of emotions during our lifetime. This is our commonality; we all laugh, cry and mourn. Recognizing and accepting that everyone has life experiences that lead to emotions and that every single emotion of every human being is just as valid as yours, is a huge step in your soul’s growth. When we open ourselves to accepting that as different from us as they may be, other people’s emotions are valid, we automatically open ourselves to not judging; and not judging leads to conversation and conversation leads to understanding. And understanding leads to compassion. If you’re in what feels like an unpleasant conversation, you don’t have to talk. You can lean on your team and they’ll help you find the patience to listen or the strength to leave.
Our team is always trying to be of service to usthat is their purpose and their passion. When we die we have the opportunity to do many different things. Our team chose to focus their energy and love on us. Their desire is to help us navigate our lives in the way that is best for us and for those whom we impact.
Question: How do we open ourselves up to receive our Spiritual  

               Teams messages?

Victoria: We begin to open ourselves by quieting our mind. Imagine
             walking into a crowded restaurant. All the tables are full
             and there’s a loud hum of noise from conversation, dishes 
             clinking and music. Sitting way in the back, you can see  
             your friend waving and mouthing something. Of course 
             you can’t hear them, there’s way too much noise. This is
            what your mind is like with all of the internal chatter. When 
            you learn to quiet your mind it makes it easier to hear your
Question: How do I learn to quiet my mind?
Victoria: 1. Nature is naturally calming. Just being around trees,
              water or flowers helps calm your mind. If you’re living in a
              crowded city without easy access to a park, bring a plant
              home. Making a practice of caring for any type of plant
              can be helpful.
              2. Mindful exercise. Any type of exercise where you are
              focusing on your breathing. Tai Chi, yoga, running, what
              ever activity you enjoy that requires focusing.
              3. Meditation. I offer free Introduction to Meditation about 
              once a month on Zoom. You can check out the upcoming 
              classes at:  You 
              can also do a search for meditation classes in your area.
              It’s a good idea to try different schools and different 
              teachers to find one that you’re comfortable with.


  1. Thank you very much Victoria for a lovely read! Is Sunday mornign here now and this was very relaxing and beautiful.

  2. I love the fact that we’re not alone even though it may feel that way sometimes. Next time I am going through a difficult emotion, I will work at stilling my mind to connect with my spirit guide for their support and wise counsel. Thank you for shining a light on this subject Victoria.

  3. Whoa, good thing Oliver listened to his intuition, against his strong habits.

    I don’t know what caused it, my Grandpa did not take a flight he was supposed to be on. Guess what – the plane crashed. My Mom was pregnant with me, she might not only have lost her Dad but her baby, too.
    He lived for another 38 years, during which he saw my brother and me grow up, get married and have kids.

  4. Victoria, what a beautifully written piece! I have tried to explain my spirit team several times, but perhaps I was trying to explain it to the wrong people. And perhaps they “got it” later. You write so well!

    • Thank you, Kebba. I often have people tell me that they ‘get it’ long after the conversation. Sometimes they have to let the info marinate for a while until they can absorb it.

  5. Hi Victoria-I was drawn into every word you wrote. I love the concept of a team. I have always believed I have guidance from the spirit world and lost loved ones. Thank you for sharing.

  6. LOVED this post Victoria. I have recently tried to start meditating but lose focus very quickly 🙁 I know I have to keep doing it for a while but heard that it does get easier. I am definitely going to check out the schedule that you shared. Thank you SO much for the post.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Samantha. It’s our minds nature to wander, so don’t be to hard on yourself! It will get easier.

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