Why We Block Intuition

The reason that we block our intuition is fear. Your rationale may appear in different guises, but they can all be traced back to fear. Some of your fears may seem to be fear of change, looking foolish or making a mistake. But the root of all fear in trusting your intuition is the fear of accepting your true self and then presenting your true self to the world. Once you accept your authentic self, there is no going back. When you know who you are, you won’t be satisfied by whatever your status quo has been and you won’t want to hide. This transition time can be very frustrating. As you begin to open yourself to your intuition, it may be difficult to know how to incorporate this new information into your life. Be kind to yourself. Just as it took time to learn how to walk, it takes time to adapt to this new dimension in your life.

Intuition is an inner knowing. It doesn’t have to be justified or explained. It just has to be accepted. Once you accept that your inner voice is valuable and that following it will enhance your life, you will be put in a position where you’ll have to deny conventional wisdom. You’ll have to choose whether you’re going to live being true to yourself or live denying your true nature.

Here are some of the things that you’ll face as you begin your new life:
You will lose patients with inauthentic people.
You may be rejected by those who say they love you.
You will be rejected by some of your friends.
You may lose your job.
You may be lonely.
You will be sad because of what you have lost.

These things will also happen:
You will begin to feel a peace in your heart that you have never felt before.
You will be attracted to more authentic people.
Authentic people will be attracted to you.
Making decisions will become easier.
You’ll stop second-guessing yourself.

Underneath our insecurities we are all strong, capable people but most of us and especially women have been taught since childhood to subjugate our natural intuitive ability. We were raised to believe that fitting in and making others feel comfortable was paramount. Having feelings or ideas that challenged the status quo wasn’t useful or acceptable. When a person has to suppress their individuality they are blocking their true nature. The longer that it’s suppressed the harder it is to connect to it. Intuition is part of every person’s true nature. Intuition isn’t a talent; this isn’t a ‘use it or lose it’ situation. Intuition is a natural ability just like breathing; you’ll never lose it. But if you don’t use it, your ability to hear it and trust it will be diminished to the point that you’ll feel that it doesn’t exist.

Accepting that you can sense information with no apparent confirmation and accepting that the information has value can be challenging. But not accepting it is no different than denying any of your other senses. If you had a choice you wouldn’t give up your sense of touch, taste, smell, hearing or sight. Intuition is a gift that we are all born with but it’s your choice whether or not you accept it.

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  1. Victoria, what a great post! Thanks for articulating this topic. I have very strong intuition, but I don’t advertise it. I enjoy your blog!

  2. I don’t always listen to my intuition but whenever I have, it has never steered me wrong.

  3. Hi Victoria. I just read your bio that you are a medium. Funny thing, I just wrote about when I saw my first ghosts. I used to ‘see’ them as a child but have lost that ability as an adult. But I still have a very strong intuitive sense. I do trust it but have often discount it because sometimes people tell me it is just my imagination. So sometimes when I get those hits, I just keep them to myself. It isn’t that I’m afraid. It’s just that sometimes it’s easier in getting along in life.

  4. I love this post. Thank you. Sometimes I have been able to listen to my intuition. I agree that it is fear that I have not done this consistently. I wish I were able to attend your workshop.

  5. Intuition is a powerful thing – if we allow ourselves to listen to and act on it!

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