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If you and I met for coffee just to have a chat, what would you ask me?

You: You seem so happy. Doesn’t talking to dead people make you sad?
Victoria: No. The dead people that I speak with are filled with love for
              those that they’ve left behind. Their love radiates like the rays
              of the sun. As a conduit for their love, I’m fortunate to benefit
              from it too.
You: You said the dead that you speak with. Are there dead people that you
         don’t speak with?
Victoria: All living beings whether dead or alive operate on a particular
              energy level. Just as an artist may choose to work in pastels,
              oils or spray paint or an author may choose to write mysteries,
              biographies or poetry; a medium will choose to work with the
              the energy of those that they can benefit the most. I choose to
              work with dead people who focus on sharing their love and the
              loving energy of the universe with us.
You: Are there dead people who aren’t about love.
Victoria: Yes. Whether dead or alive people are who they are. If they were
              angry, vindictive or short-tempered when alive, they may choose
              to retain those characteristics after death. That’s their choice. But
              when people die they have a much broader vision than we do and
              change and growth can happen much more quickly.
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  1. I love this blog. I often wish I connect with some of the individuals in my life who have died. I do experience a sense of presence from some of them from time to time.
    Yes, like energy attracts like energy. I am going to take a look at some of your classes.

  2. Victoria, it is comforting to acknowledge that souls continue on after this life. As I have recently lost my parents, I wonder about this. Your class looks interesting. I will consider participating. Enjoy your day!

    • Victoria Juster

      Marc, I’m so sorry for your loss. This must be a difficult time for you. I hope that you find comfort in your memories. Also in the gratitude of all that you share your wisdom with.

  3. I’ve enjoying our chat Victoria! I like learning more about my blogger friends.

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