Questions People Ask Me

Question: Do the dead speak to you or through you?

Victoria: When I’m writing the dead speak to me. They feel like a Greek chorus; a group of  people
              who with persistence express especially similar views or feelings. They don’t show them-
              selves as individuals but as a large group with a singular force of energy directed to me.
              When I express the ideas clearly and correctly, I feel a constant stream of light and energy.
              If I waver from the point or am not being clear, I can feel the light and energy begin to ebb.
              When writing I am an equal part of the chorus. We are connected to and a vehicle for
              Universal Knowledge. Because I have a body, my job is to physically write things down.
              When I’m doing a reading for someone, their loved ones speak to me. Their emotions
              are so strong I can feel them as if they’re my own. Occasionally if a particular word is
              needed, their guides or guardian angels may speak through me.
Question: Who are the dead who speak to you?
Victoria: I don’t know who the other members of the chorus are. Their names or faces aren’t
              important. What’s important is the information and the love that they emanate.
              In a reading I first connect to my spirit guides for their help in maintaining my boundaries.
              Then I connect with my clients’ spirit guides, their dead loved ones and their loved ones’
              guides and guardian angels.


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