There is No Death



When people think about death and dying, they usually feel vulnerable. We have little control over when or how we die and little knowledge of what happens after death. This lack of knowledge makes us feel vulnerable and feeling vulnerable leads to fear. I can’t just say to you don’t be scared, and then have your fears melt away. But, I can share some of my experiences and hopefully they will answer some of your questions.

There is no death; there is only transformation. Your body is a temporary shelter for your soul. Imagine that you’ve graduated from high school or college or kindergarten, it’s summer and you’re waiting for the next phase of your life to begin. Dying is like summer, a break between the seasons of your life. You will have a break from having a body but there is no break in learning, we all have summer school!

No one dies alone, ever. Whether you’re in a crowded city or alone in a desert, you will not die alone. We all have loved ones who have already passed over, guides and guardian angels. You may not see them now, but they are with you and will be there to help you in your passing.

When you first transition to the other side, you will see whatever will be of the most help to your adjustment. If you have a particular religious belief, you will see what you expect to see. When you’re ready to expand your experience, you’ll be provided with options and guides to help you along your path. Dead people have a much broader perspective on life.  They can see and help you understand your path and why you made the choices that you did. They can help guide you to what you still need to learn and how best to learn it.

Death isn’t final; it’s just the next chapter in your life.


  1. My near death experience has made me unafraid of death. Many people I encounter are afraid of death because they aren’t comfortable talking about it. Our culture here in the US is not swayed toward “death positivity” – I am grateful people have started talking about death more.

  2. I love the picture you chose. Whenever I see a butterfly, I can’t help but think of family and friends who have crossed over, I really like what you wrote here.

  3. That was beautiful, and in line with my thoughts on death. When I held my husband’s hand as he took his last breath, I had a moment of complete peace.

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