New Things

Going along in life playing it safe, doing the same thing all day everyday, doesn’t give you a chance to grow, to learn or to experience what life has to offer. Consistency is not an accomplishment; it means that you’re sitting on the sidelines and letting life pass you by. So, you ask, what am I to do when I have a demanding job and regular responsibilities? Anything! Take a different route to work, listen to new music, find a new podcast, foster a cat, or cook a new food. Do something, do anything. Exposing yourself to new experiences will affect your life in ways that you will never expect. 
Zak’s divorce was crushing his spirit. As the days passed, he became more and more angry. He

knew that to regain his emotional and physical health something had to change. He had always loved motorcycles but his wife had, as he put it, crushed that dream too. So he bought a motorcycle and joined a riding club. Doing this ’New Thing’ brought Zak a sense of joy and freedom that he hadn’t felt in years. He began to smile again. He began to enjoy his life. He met a woman in the club that shared his interest in motorcycles and in many other things. They’re now happily married. Zak didn’t join the club looking for romance. He joined to find a release for his overflowing emotions. When you open yourself to something new, you never know what will happen.

My husband wanted to enroll in a beginning Italian class; I didn’t. I had no interest in making a 12-week commitment to be somewhere first thing on Saturday mornings. But it was so important to him that I reluctantly agreed. At the first class we introduced ourselves with name and occupation. Finding out that I was a medium, one woman requested a reading. When we got together she reminded me that she had a reading with me about 5 years earlier and I immediately remembered her. 
After her first reading, I received new information for her but had lost her contact details. For 5 years, I had been haunted by knowing that I had info that could ease her pain and had no way of sharing it with her. Opening myself to the ’New Thing’ of taking an Italian class, provided me with an opportunity to help someone and to get closure for myself.
Dead people say:  Open your eyes, or your ears or your heart! There are so many thing for you to discover!


  1. What a cool story! Very inspiring.

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