Anger in itself is not bad, but holding on to anger never has a positive outcome. Anger exists, it is real. Ignoring anger won’t make it go away, it will only cause it to fester. Anger is a sneaky little devil. You may think that you have it under control but if not dealt with, days, months or even years later, it will pop up again. 

The best thing that you can do is to look directly into your anger and find the root cause: 

Did you not get the job, house, partner that you wanted? 
Did you not get the health that you wanted?
Did you not get what you wanted from someone else’s behavior? 
Did you not get what you wanted from your partner, children, family, friends or co-workers?
Did you not get what you wanted from your can opener, car or toothpaste?
Did you not get what you wanted from elected officials, trash collectors or house painters?
You can probably see the theme here. Anger occurs when you plan, expect or desire an outcome and don’t get it. So, if you don’t enjoy your anger, what are you to do? Accept that anger is a sign pointing you directly to an important life lesson. Accept that you won’t get everything that you want. Accept that you can’t control every thing, person or situation in your life. The only control that you do have is over yourself. Allow anger to be a useful tool in your personal journey through life. Look deeply into the situation that caused your anger. Go beyond your immediate
reaction to the root cause. What did you not get and how do you move forward? 
Dead people say:  Anger can be a heavy burden or it can lead you to a more enlightened life. Choose wisely.

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  1. Anger, as well as all suffering, is a denial of facing life as it is. It takes great maturity to accept the Whole of Life.

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