Whether I’m doing a reading or teaching a class, people often have similar concerns.

These posts answer some of my most frequently asked questions.


New Things

  Going along in life playing it safe, doing the same thing all day everyday, doesn’t give you a chance to grow, to learn or to experience what life has to offer. Consistency is not an accomplishment; it means that you’re sitting on the sidelines and letting life pass you by.…

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  If you want love in your life, you have to accept what love is. The definition of love is ‘Unconditional, Nonjudgemental Acceptance’. Truly loving someone means accepting them as they are now and not for what they will be when they let you change them. Loving someone means accepting that at their core, they have…

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Learning From Your Past

  Sophie’s father was diagnosed as bi-polar when it was still called manic depression. He vacillated between violent temper tantrums, morose feelings of worthlessness and grandiose orations on being ‘king of the castle’. As Sophie grew up and had more exposure to other people, she realized that her childhood wasn’t normal or healthy. She…

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The Car Accident

Imagine that you’re on your way to work. There’s a blizzard, 20 below zero, and snow blowing so hard that you can barely see out of your windshield. Your brakes fail and you skid off the icy road and smash into a tree, knocked unconscious. A good Samaritan calls 911 and…

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  Disappointment is always caused by wanting something to be different than it is. Carrying disappointment, anger or resentment will not make your life better and it will not change anything.   You can use disappointment constructively. If your disappointment comes from a life situation that can be changed, you…

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A Little About Me & A Little Advice

    Many people have asked about my journey and any advise that I have about being a medium. I’ve been a medium all of my life. As a child my friends were what I called ‘see-throughs’. As I grew older, they stopped letting me see them so that I…

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There is No Broken

Do we consider a newborn broken because they can’t walk? Do we consider a 1-year-old broken because they can’t read? No, we accept that they are at a particular stage in their growth and development. If a person is an addict or has depression or cancer, it does not mean that they are broken. It…

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Dreams About the Past

  Dreams about the past can provide you with valuable information about your present. To learn from your dream, become the observer. Examine your dream and remember the emotions that it created.   Charlie came to me because of a recurring dream. It had been bugging him for weeks and he wanted some kind of explanation. In the…

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