Whether I’m doing a reading or teaching a class, people often have similar concerns.

These essays answer some of my most frequently asked questions.


The Definition of Love:

Unconditional, Non-judgemental Acceptance   Dead people are all about love. I have been a medium since birth, and with all of the thousands of dead people that I’ve worked with, no one has ever said that they wish that they had worked more. No dead person has ever brought up…

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Trust & Betrayal

As you go through life, you will experience what you see as betrayals, of all depths and sizes. Some as small as your barista giving you decaf instead of regular, some as large as your partner cheating on you. You are not alone; feeling betrayed happens to everyone. If you…

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Seeing the Value in Others

Everyone that comes into your life has a gift for you. Sometimes the gift is a funny story, a friendship or just a passing smile on the street. Sometimes the gift is a lesson in humility, patience or tolerance. Opening your mind and heart to the gifts being offered, opens you to…

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What is Soul?

Question: What does soul mean? I have thought about this for a long time and don’t understand.                                                                                                                            Spirit, Soul, Essence Victoria: We…

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At Our Core

Throughout my life I have dealt with thousands of dead people. People who at one time walked this earth the same way that we do now. When in body their appearances, economics, religions, ethnicities, taste in food, music and entertainment differed from each other. Their beliefs and behavior differed from…

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You Are Not Responsible For What People Hear

  You aren’t responsible for what anyone else hears. You are only responsible for what you say. People hear what they want to hear and will transform your words into what they’re able to understand. The psychological term is ‘cognitive dissonance’. When a thought is so challenging to your beliefs…

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Where do our pets go when they die? Will we see them again?

Relationships with animals can be an extraordinary gift. Animals have no pretense or subterfuge, no animosity or insincerity. Those who have been well cared for, emanate their own spiritual energy with every fiber of their being and we are the fortunate beneficiaries of their gifts. They are such clear channels…

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