Whether I’m doing a reading or teaching a class, people often have similar concerns.

These posts answer some of my most frequently asked questions.


Deepening Relationships By Being Present

Reese at 1 Being in the present moment means letting go of thinking about the past or the future and being fully aware of what is happening right now in the present moment. It has many benefits such as strengthening memory, reducing stress and improving focus. The benefit that I…

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Love Never Dies

I’ve been a medium since birth and over the years have worked with thousands of dead people. None of them have ever said that they wish they had worked more. None of them have mentioned money, possessions or weight. Every single person has come to me out of concern for…

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If We Met For A Chat

            If you and I met for coffee just to have a chat, what would you ask me? You: You seem so happy. Doesn’t talking to dead people make you sad? Victoria: No. The dead people that I speak with are filled with love for…

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How to Load a Dishwasher

  Years ago a major university did a study on the most effective way to load a dishwasher. Please forgive them; it was the 60’s. As silly as it sounds the results are important. They found over 100 ways to load a dishwasher and they all worked. The results of…

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A Purpose of a Noisy Mind – Part II

From the time that we wake up until the time that we fall asleep, our brains are on hyper-drive. Occasionally we can focus on the task at hand, but usually we’re checking email while on  the  phone, on the phone while driving to a meeting and planning the next meeting…

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There is No Broken – Part II

  Beyond appearance, beyond personality and beyond beliefs, we are soul. At the core of every human being is soul. We as soul come to this life in this place at this time for one reason, soul growth. Our own growth and that of the lives that we affect. As…

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I Asked My Guides

Victoria: What do you want us to know? Guides: No matter what is happening, it’s okay to have a peaceful heart. You make better decisions when you have a peaceful heart. Victoria: What is a peaceful heart?  Guides: Having a peaceful heart means that you know that whatever is happening in your…

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Recommended Books

There are many books about near death and life after death. These are three of my favorites. They all carry an uplifting message: There is nothing to fear about death.   The Afterlife of Billy Fingers – Annie Kagan A very fun read. Annie Kagan’s brother died and came to…

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What is Meditation and What Can it Do For You?

  Meditation is defined as a “Practice to Train the Mind”. Just as regular aerobic exercise will improve your cardiovascular system and weight training will improve your muscles, regular meditation will improve your mind and brain functions. I enjoy meditation because it helps me sleep better at night and remain calm in…

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