Whether I’m doing a reading or teaching a class, people often have similar concerns.

These posts answer some of my most frequently asked questions.


Emotions & Life Lessons

Nothing in life is random. When you repeatedly have experiences that elicit the same emotional response, that emotion is a clue that can lead you to an important lesson. Jamie was on a museum tour with her husband. The docent was informative and entertaining and they were having a great time. Then one…

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You May Be An Empath

When your anxiety is overwhelming and feels almost uncontrollable it may not belong to you. You may be an empath. If for no apparent reason, you are often overcome by feelings of grief, sadness, despair or loneliness; the emotions may not belong to you. You may be an empath. If you’ve…

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Deepening Relationships By Being Present

Reese at 1 Being in the present moment means letting go of thinking about the past or the future and being fully aware of what is happening right now in the present moment. It has many benefits such as strengthening memory, reducing stress and improving focus. The benefit that I…

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A Purpose of a Noisy Mind – Part II

From the time that we wake up until the time that we fall asleep, our brains are on hyper-drive. Occasionally we can focus on the task at hand, but usually we’re checking email while on  the  phone, on the phone while driving to a meeting and planning the next meeting…

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I Asked My Guides

Victoria: What do you want us to know? Guides: No matter what is happening, it’s okay to have a peaceful heart. You make better decisions when you have a peaceful heart. Victoria: What is a peaceful heart?  Guides: Having a peaceful heart means that you know that whatever is happening in your…

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