Whether I’m doing a reading or teaching a class, people often have similar concerns.

These essays answer some of my most frequently asked questions.


Intuition – Your Most Powerful Tool

When humans first walked this earth, our survival depended on sensing the energy emitted from what we confronted. If we were hunting and tracking our kill, happening upon a lone wolf hobbling on a broken leg would set off a completely different response than being charged by a pack of…

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  Everyone has challenges in their life, some visible, some not. When you see a person in a wheel chair, a homeless person or an immigrant, you may think that you know what their challenges are. You don’t. You can sympathize or empathize, but even if you’ve faced similar circumstances, you can’t feel their personal experience down to your…

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Dealing with Real Vampires

You are a unique individual. You are the only person on this earth, who has your genetic, experiential and spiritual make-up. There may be thousands of individuals who have the same nationality, religion, job, etc. as you do. But, none of them bring exactly the same gifts to this lifetime…

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Sometimes Life Sucks

Sometimes life sucks. There are days when meditation and medication just aren’t enough to get you where you want to be. That’s life. You’ve had good days and bad days before, so you know that neither lasts forever. So what do you do on those really difficult days?Don’t fight with…

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There is No Death

    When people think about death and dying, they usually feel vulnerable. We have little control over when or how we die and little knowledge of what happens after death. This lack of knowledge makes us feel vulnerable and feeling vulnerable leads to fear. I can’t just say to…

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    Worrying takes time and energy and it never helps. It may cause high blood pressure or increase anxiety but it will never contribute to solving any problem.    Riley has severe anxiety. She was invited to join a group of women on a four-day getaway at a luxury beachside resort. Her husband…

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New Things

  Going along in life playing it safe, doing the same thing all day everyday, doesn’t give you a chance to grow, to learn or to experience what life has to offer. Consistency is not an accomplishment; it means that you’re sitting on the sidelines and letting life pass you by.…

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  If you want love in your life, you have to accept what love is. The definition of love is ‘Unconditional, Nonjudgemental Acceptance’. Truly loving someone means accepting them as they are now and not for what they will be when they let you change them. Loving someone means accepting that at their core, they have…

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