Whether I’m doing a reading or teaching a class, people often have similar concerns.

These posts answer some of my most frequently asked questions.


The Gap

There is a Gap between thinking and feeling and another between feeling and speaking or acting. When you experience whatever triggers you, your response may happen so quickly that you’re completely unaware that there is a Gap. But there is one. Bringing our attention to the Gap and opening ourselves…

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After his wife lost a long battle with pancreatic cancer, my friend lost his: best friend, partner-in-adventure and the love of his life. I’m bringing him his favorite Limoncello Cake and this poem.   She You have not lost her. She is not gone. Every beat of your heart connects…

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Questions About Truth vs Belief

  After reading Truth vs. Belief, people had similar questions. Truth vs Belief Question: How does someone know that their thinking is off? The way to tell if your thinking is off is by paying attention to your emotions. Emotions work like traffic signals. Feeling self-righteous, smug, arrogant or having…

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Truth vs Belief

You are not who you are because of your family. You are not who you are because of what has happened to you in your life, how you were raised or your genetics. This is just your starting point. You are who you are because of how you see your…

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Maintaining My Mental Health

During the pandemic people tried all kinds of things to protect their mental health, from cooking to eating and from exercising to TV binging. I knew that there were three things that I needed to thrive: spiritual connection, mental stimulation and human interaction. I found groups that gave me much…

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Mother & Child

  I wonder who you arebeneath the facade.The chatter and clatterremind me of the orange conesused to deflect traffic.I can see the road beyondbut can find no access. Do you remember when laughingfelt natural?When every move wasn’t calculated?Have you buried yourself sosecurely that you’ve forgotten joy? I know that there…

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In my post What Happens When We Die I talk about hell. Since then I’ve had many  questions about heaven. What is Heaven? Heaven and hell aren’t two different places; they are two different experiences in the same place. The difference in our experience depends on our behavior during our life and…

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Self-Care & Purpose

In addition to living with the stresses of our own lives and those of our loved ones, there is another stress generator that we’re dealing with. Having access to all of our electronic devices and a 24/7 news cycle, confronts us with a constant onslaught of news both real and…

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You Are Forever

I saw You as part of a peak of a high cliff overlooking the ocean. The white top waves hitting the shore, gently, firmly with purpose. You were part of the mountain standing tall, solid and strong. You were gazing out and with your full awareness taking it in and…

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